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Tabby Road -  Cat Snacks - Strawberry Fields
Tabby Road - Cat Snacks - Strawberry Fields Price: $15.99 per metre
Tabby Road is the illustrated adventures of a fabulously sophisticated polka-dotted house cat with flare to spare and her sassy striped kitty sister. These two crazy kittens spend their days climbing delightfully proportioned banded fruit trees, chasing mice up and down elegant acanthus leaves for sport, coughing up brightly colored fur balls and ending their days with bellies full of artisan-crafted consciously canned, organic cat snacks. If ever there was a cat to envy, this is the one. Tabby Road is the life of the common house cat as seen through Tula Pink's eyes, transformed into an imaginary world of quirk and color, mischief and mayhem.
100% Cotton. 44" Wide.


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