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Literary - Classics Whisper
Literary - Classics Whisper Price: $17.99 per metre
Please Note: This is a border print. The stack of books is 6" high and runs along the length of the fabric on one side only. This print would be great to border your quilts or make skirts and dresses.

What could beat walking into a room filled with library card catalogs, checkout cards with date stamps, and the smell of old books? Books and their readers are celebrated in Literary, Heather Givans' newest collection for Windham Fabrics. From the beautifully ornate papers found on the insides of classic novels like Moby Dick or The Boxcar Children, to the printed text of Anne of Green Gables, Heather creates a collection that will enthrall bookworms, bibliophiles, and sewers alike. Whether you're someone who stacks books neatly or more of the shoveling books into every crevice of your home type, the joy of reading and sewing is found in Literary.

100% Cotton. 42" Wide.


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