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Natural World - Dots - Natural
Natural World - Dots - Natural Price: $8.99 per metre
If we observe the natural world it is possible to see pattern and beauty wherever we turn. From the smallest atomic particles right up to the vast galaxies and spiral nebulae turning in space. The "Natural World" collection from Snow Leopard Designs reflects this same beauty that we find everywhere in the visible universe. In the great oceans we see the vivid patterns of tropical fish and the colors of seashells and coral. In the sky we find the multicolored feathers of birds and the textures and shapes of eggs. On the land we find all the varied forms of animal and plant life. All of the designs have been carefully hand-painted and many developed from antique lithographic prints in the Snow Leopard Designs archive, and are now available to bring this same transcendent beauty into your homes and projects.
100% Cotton. 44" Wide.


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