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Ella and Ollie - Jelly Roll
Ella and Ollie - Jelly Roll
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Price: $59.99 each

When I think about the coming of Spring, certain memories from my child- hood and that of my kids when they were younger come back to me like a flood. Sometimes they're bittersweet, especially since my dad has now passed away, these memories are as vivid as if they had happened yester- day. They often come with a myriad of colors and images. This collection is a small ode to some of those memories. Created around a vintage print that has been in my collection since a flea market trip with my dad many years ago, this collection is filled with spring- time florals, a nostalgic text print and a few of my all-time favorite basics! With colors like Strawberry, Seaglass and Daisy, Ella & Ollie is a nod to the gentle images of Spring!

Contains 42 2.5" strips. Contains duplicates.




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